Joining Stream as an Independent Associate opens the door to many benefits, including rewards from Stream Opportunity Programs like Free Wireless.* You can earn extra cash to use however you want, just for sharing a service everyone needs: Wireless.

A Little Extra Cash, Endless Possibilities

Earn an extra bonus of up to $65 per month to use as you see fit—even toward your own wireless bill!

How Do I Earn Free Wireless?

It's as easy as 1, 2, free.

  1. Join us as a Stream Independent Associate.
  2. Enroll friends and family in Stream Wireless.
  3. Earn free Wireless service.

All you have to do is enroll 15 new Stream Wireless lines to earn a monthly bonus of $65. Simple!

Start Earning Sooner

Hard work pays—literally. We reward you each month on your way to 15 Wireless lines with partial bonuses at 5 and 10 lines.*

*At 5 and 10 customers, you will earn your partial bonus for a maximum of 6 months. You have until the end of this period to enroll 15 lines for your full bonus.

More Ways to Earn with CustomerPLUS

Your progress with Free Wireless will also count toward another income opportunity: CustomerPLUS! Every new Wireless line you enroll puts you a step closer to earning a one-time $500 bonus and a $200 monthly bonus.

Learn More

When it comes to extra cash, every little bit counts

Start sharing Stream Wireless to get on the path to your next bonus!

Get Started

To see the full details for consideration, please see the Stream Opportunity Programs Guide.

*Excludes taxes and fees. Bonus may be provided to you in the form of a debit card administered by a third party not affiliated with Stream. Use of the debit card, including any fees, will be governed solely by the Terms and Conditions of the third party and will not be the responsibility of Stream. Stream accepts no liability for lost, damaged or stolen cards or funds placed on the card issued to you or any fees related thereto.

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